Ushering in 2014

I have a quick confession to make.
Honestly through out the whole year of 2013 nothing good will happen to me given the very dramatic bad start or should i say a bad first half of the year. And i thought it was going to stay like that. But i was wrong.
What proved me wrong? Let me share.

As naive as i was i never thought i would even be close enough to even love someone honestly and with all that i have to give. So initially i thought i would just spend the rest of my time mingling around and make the most out of it. (Well whatever that meant)
But it wasnt until i met him. I was doubtful at first but as time goes by i saw how serious and sincere he was so i decided to give it a shot. What i can say is, it turned out to be the best decision in my life made in 2013. (My worst choice however is my choice of hotel for internship honestly im still suffering here so a little help would do good?)

Ok back to it.

Ive never regretted spending my time effort and everything else on this guy who made me feel more like a queen. Our squabbles and fights are always rationalized in the end (which i have to admit was him always making the first move trying to talk things out. Another strong reason why i love him so much) No matter how hot/hard headed or egoistic one of us can be we always manage to work things out. He gave me the best memories anyone can ask for in just a short period of 6 months. He’s been there thru good or bad happy or sad. Especially when i ever feel like quitting or having my limits tested or just being dead plain tired. He’s been with me stick and stuck on me until i felt better or until i can stand up on my own again. The amount of concern and care he has is just remarkable and he is just everything that i need.

So the confession really is that i have never been happier to have a man like him by my side really.

Spending and ending our 2013 and the beginning of 2014 together catching the fireworks at Marina Bay was just…
To many more years to come my love.

You’re the best damn thing that happened and i hope it stays this way forever.
We will make it through anything and everything together right?

Happy new year to all of you and of course to the new found lover.
(Well 6 months is kind of new am i right?)

It always feels just like yesterday.


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