19th of years

An unexpected surprise really for this year’s birthday….well for me that is! (Well actually really overwhelmed since i’ve never had my family celebrate it this big for me. The last was when i was really really little) It’s been long since ive posted something but ive been too busy with work and internship(Unfortunately they are the same thing) and i can’t wait for it to be over in another 2 months time since its already coming to 2014 in another 3 more days!

It really has been a roller coaster ride for me this past few months especially getting into a relationship with someone like Putra hahahahahha i don’t mean it negatively tho. It’s been interesting so far. But that aside lets talk about my birthday hehe.

On one of the days a week after my birthday they had a family chalet for my cousins 1st year birthday party but which i couldnt attend due to commitment reasons (WORK) they fetched me from work though and brought me over. To a delightful surprise when i reached,they blasted birthday songs and sang with cupcakes and inextinguishable candles and brought me in to open my 19 presents they got me. (So so sweet i wanted to cry) Of course mama bought me my Naked 3 finally and Cik Shikin a Juicy Couture wallet hehe love all of the gifts nevertheless. To know my sister was the mastermind behind this……. aww come kiss kiss for you. She has never been sweet to me ever i swear and im not even exaggerating.

Then they fooled me with a fake ipad…… i almost cried………

And plummeted me with water balloons and sprays of confetti and strings and snow and all other stuff. Memorable indeed.

My birthday however on the date it self is a whole different thing. Lucky me, got to spend it with my very charming boyfriend, as always. The things he does for us like going out alone and walking a distance to get Macdonalds in the middle of the night for us.

Good thing my birthday doesnt just end there because after that my bestfriend fetched me from work with a princess helium balloon and walking around with that attracted alot of stares and wishes as well. She got me things ive been looking for the whole time wow she really is good hands down to her. Ah love her and everyone else

My boyfriend amazingly surprised me w a bouquet of flowers(pink roses!) when he fetched me from work yesterday with a gift which turned out to be really pretty swarovski diamond thingy necklace. The sweetest thing was he actually already bought it when we started dating into 2 months or so and have kept it with him since. Telling me he only gave it to me now well that’s because the pendant is called the trust pendant. So therefore he thinks he can finally trust me enough to present it to me. I really want to squeeze and squish him till death. I have never known my boyfriend can ever be this sweet.

I never felt anymore blessed then this of course except the chalet and my bestfriend making time for me to celebrate my birthday together. It really touches me to know someone thought of you and got it for you even before he/she is yours and both of you are officially together.
But for him to keep it that long…..

I love you so much. Thank you for having faith and never giving up.

Blessed to be given such people with so much love to give me hehehe now time to wash up and get ready for dinner with the family and boyf……. he must be peeing in his pants rn

till then,


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