21st Nov

Honestly i have never found trusting people,easy.
I don’t really care who you are. You can be my parents my friend my boyfriend, anybody.
How do people even learn to trust. It’s a huge risk. It’s like playing with stocks. Sometimes on good days everything is fine you start to trust and believe that they’re good for you but the very next day they plummet down or go bankrupt on you and you lose everything? Everything like your sanity?

Am i over reacting ok maybe i am but really. How do one even trust? I can’t even trust my boyfriend tweeting about another girl(friend)??? I mean what comes into my mind next honestly is out of the world i dont even know how negative i can get? When it comes to issues about trust…….. Hell no. I can’t even think proper. Like if someone could potentially hurt you, what or which part of trust are you going to instill in them trusting them to not hurt you more? Like what else in the world can they be hiding from you? Well i think if they’re good enough they can hide the world from you really.

If i don’t bother, it’ll seem like ill be giving too much face and i couldn’t care less…but if i do does that make me controlling and over-possessive(clingy)?
So what is too much?

Okay apart from that… I’ve been really tired with work(internship) I’ve been crying to myself the past week because i was on morning shift hahahah pussy i know i am. Well i just feel like somethings missing i really can’t pinpoint what. I had a really heavy heart and was definitely not in good shape at all. I was happy Putra was there to lighten my burden a little though.

I figured it really is true that when you don’t see or have the chance to do what you usually do or see what you usually see, you kind of take things for granted and stop appreciating what you’re blessed with. The possibility could come in so many forms. Monetary, family, friends, affection, privacy, time, etc. I keep telling myself i have to be positive and happy because everyday is a new adventure you get to meet new people new guests but in my hotel, its always busy always pouring in with new guests always on full occupancy. I never really have had a chance to sit down and talk to my guests. It’s sad really.

I’ve been on the hunt for my ‘sexy beast’ (the new Ipad Mini w Retina display) but i can’t seem to get it anywhere because its all out of stock hours after it was restocked(plain frustrating) and i’ve been busy with work which made it more difficult to catch up with the latest stock updates and well…….yea

3 months left till the end of intern and ive already counted down. 77 more working days till its finally over!!! I can’t wait to graduate and get this over and done with but really at the same time i don’t have any clue what i want to do and pursue after that. Getting a degree overseas is actually very tempting… But so does flying (Air-stewardess) and opening up my own wedding events company and setting up my own clothing store?

Dreams dreams wild dreams. Travelling is my main aim tho (explains my interest in flying)
It’ll be pretty cool to meet and make new friends all the time all over the world wouldn’t it? Imagine living a year in all the different states and by the time youre dead you probably would have just visited like 60 states? That’s not even the world………….yet. I’d love to have the opportunity to visit all the wonders of the world and mother nature. Singapore has nothing to offer except Little guilin?




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