Money is evil

Since young i have always been taught to work hard work smart to be successful to earn a huge sum of money to be able to travel to go to anywhere in the world to be recognized to influence to be smart to be wise to be intellectual and knowledgeable to be looked-upon to be wealthy.

With the extremely high standards of living in Singapore i come to understand why they actually try to seed this perspective in me(It actually is working really well). No not to be money-minded or a gold-digger of any sort but to ensure a secure future. To having the opportunity never to face a tough life in terms of financial because in Singapore,truly everything is about the money. To not have to lead a difficult life like they did before. To do better then them, to earn more then them to live a comfortable life.

 My wishes are impossible to grant really. All of it are too extravagant too sparkly too shiny too wow too unbelievable. I’d have to marry a billionaire if i really wouldn’t settle for less. But as i grow up and i start to experience living the life of an average-struggling-to-earn-but-save-money Singaporean, damn its impossible to save! There goes my hopes and dreams of owning a convertible, a 3 story bungalow with a grand staircase in the hallway with white marble pillars at the front… I feel morose and disappointed i can’t continue no more so this shall end here bye.


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