Hello!! It’s been a week since internship started and i barely had time to use my laptop even! Can you imagine how hectic it has been? ok maybe i might be have exaggerated it by a little bit but really, i still need some getting used to, to busy(full-time) working periods and shifts. Especially memorizing the table and buffet settings and the tasks at hand. But i think it’ll not be a problem since i’ll be most likely doing the same thing for the rest of my days. ( 23 more weeks to go!!! )

Nothing fantastic pretty much happened… Just that my off days for the two weeks are coincidentally always on par with my bf’s. Well lucky me!

So back to working, i’m starting to get more comfortable with my colleagues and yes they’re really nice people(Thankfully). I can live with this for 6 months,no sweat. However i never really had much time for my family since i’m always on afternoon shift, which means coming home in the early morning and by then they’re all asleep in preparation for work or school…

But i love afternoon shifts.

I love the night breeze whenever i step out of the hotel. How the street lights and car flashes in front of you against the dark sky. All the neon lights come alive at night. You can see flying moths shining under the lights and actually coming up with a spectacular show just like that. The people you meet at night are different. Most of the time they seem friendlier.

You don’t see stressed faces rushing and pushing in the crowd. Angsty office people rushing for lunch. Pretty much rushing rushing rushing people. The drastic difference need i even explain? People are happier at night. Laughing, walking with their friends slowly talking and enjoying themselves like theres not even any care for the world. The air is cooler. Pretty much just the way i love it.

Reminds me so much of Perth.
I really need a break soon doesn’t matter be it in Singapore or better yet overseas.
Can’t wait for intern to end tho. Wait i don’t even know what i want to do with my life once school ends. I need a job that pays good money in a short period of time and then pack my suitcase and travel the world. Intro anyone??


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