Passing by

Brief update about how my days went by these few days before i finally embark on my 6 months journey (Internship) Please i really hope it’ll be a smooth sailing one for me tho. It’s my final lap before i can finally graduate from school with a diploma in hand! 3 cheers!

On a Sunday we actually had a family chalet so i spent more time swimming and tanning myself (I know it really is taking a toll on my skin rn 😦 ) Then we rented a bicycles and cycled to the Pasir Ris horse stables! I’ve always loved horses ok actually i have always loved animals i mean they’re so cute and what not how can people hate//abuse them??

My family is pretty much the boring type(?) that sleeps early etc etc which is actually quite sad because i am actually the opposite of them haha i can never stay at home and i hate coming back home early. Im like the only owl in the family. Different on so many levels…. Why?

IMG_2169 IMG_2176
Moving on…

It wasn’t a really a good week to begin with so just bare with me. I don’t know if i’ve been doing things wrong or is it him okay maybe it’s just me. But no i beg to differ. Wait i can’t make up my mind. I don’t know actually i really do not know. Its too personal to go into details but no im a changed person now not the person i was back then definitely. 
Being real patient rn and i hope i won’t lose myself anytime soon.
I think im just over thinking again. Stop.

Think happy thoughts.

Thursday (4 days before i start intern)

Took a trip across the causeway with Putra for food! That means another tick listed off the our checklist! We headed to Malaysia to go food hunting and he accompanied me to go look for cafes there and under the sweltering heat, we only managed to find one! Not really sure whats the name of the cafe tho but its super quirky and cute!

Only went in and ordered food to realize that it actually isn’t halal which is pretty new to me because i thought…Its Malaysia! Ok but still, my fault. They don’t sell pork tho only alcoholic beverages. 😦

IMG_2220 IMG_2233 IMG_2214 IMG_2212 IMG_2234 IMG_2334
I felt pretty bad because he had to eat i with me as well haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry 😦

We headed back to City Square mall and started looking for food again! No idea why am i always hungry these few days and craving for so many unhealthy junk!! :< But hats off to him for tolerating my needs and whininess and wants and craves and everything else hehe

We had Tutti Frutti after, followed by Auntie Anne’s and then Kenny Rogers! We really can grow fat together huh

Then we headed home and as per normal time spent with him is never enough so after getting home and etc we met for badminton with my sister as well and it was a good work-out(Not even sure if its good enough to be called a work out even) Well at least i did sweat…and enjoyed! We called it a night after that.

I shall not elaborate on Friday and we don’t really have much pictures to put it in here so….. here are some

IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2310
Finally went to Rochester Park’s Starbux but for a friday noon it was really packed and i think that kind of defeats the purpose of it being in a strategic scenic location. 
Pretty much that and we did get to catch the sunset from Vivo though. 

Which made me wonder am i ever going on a cruise?? Because i kind of really need a getaway right now but with internship around the corner, that would have to wait till next year.

He went to work and i went home. A few minutes after i stepped in, the bitch pretty much called me up and asked if i wanted a ride. Since it wasn’t really a good day to begin with and i pretty much needed a break, we went cruising round and settled on Awfully Chocolate over at Greenwich. Cheered me up a little because it had the perfect ambience and even candles! Love candle light shit and desserts


Till next time xx
(Oh and wish me luck for 6 months of hell//heaven thanks)


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