One day

“Good morning beautiful, rise and shine” Then gently rock your body with the tip of his soft fingers. You wake up mumbling and scrunching your nose and he brings his closer to you. Tickles you awake and nestles himself beside you. His hand reaches out to your messy flying fringe sprawled against your cheeks and pulls them back behind your ears.

You both face each other with just plain, white, comforting sheets between and a pillow apart. You start to grin uncontrollably when he asks how was your sleep with a smirk on his face. He glanced at the wooden clock on the bedside table next to the lamp and a mason jar of fresh tulips, pulled you closer and whispered, ‘5 more minutes.’

He fell asleep within minutes with his arms wrapped tightly around you. You snuggled your way out of his embrace as soft as feather to try not to wake this beautiful being in front of you. You sat on the edge of the bed, pulled the comforter over his torso, slipped on some clean fresh slippers, headed to the washroom and brushed your teeth.

You continue to the kitchen, whipping up some waffle batter and juice fat oranges. He pulls you by the waist from behind and snuggles his chin on the curves of your neck and tells you how wonderful a mother you would make.

You settle breakfast and he picks you up from work that evening like every other. You get in the car with your co-workers gushing about how dashing and dapper he is but you know you’ve accomplished something none of them can or will ever. You won him over, effortlessly.

He takes you out for dinner in his usual suit and tie, holds the door for you, pulls out the chair for you, orders your regular for you all without being told to. You both laugh over dinner and shared how your individual days went. You can really look at him forever. Taking in and memorizing his every scent through out the different hours of the day, when he wakes up, gets ready for work, after work, after shower, everything, you remember everything.

You both lounge around your humble abode in just your inner wear because that’s how comfortable you are with another. Snuggling up next to him while he watches his favorite show while you read your favorite magazine.

He carries you to the room and gets you ready for sleep. He makes you your favorite tea and kisses your cheeks and forehead while wishing you goodnight and sweetdreams.
Not to mention, how much he loves you. You switch off the lights and whisper to him how precious he is to you.

Hey a girl can dream right?

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