And so the day finally came!! The day we’ve been planning//looking forward to since we started dating about 3-4 months ago actually. The weather in Singapore has been pretty gloomy for the past few days with thundery storms being a norm (You rarely get that for consecutive days straight here) But amazingly on the Thursday, it was shining brighter then ever. Not even a drizzle! Perfect weather for the beach with love hehe

We went out as early as 1030am, well, I, went out at 1030. Apparently he had to wait for 15 minutes for his princess right here teehe. Sorry baby.
We made our way to Harbourfront and him, being the burden as usual, had to use the restroom…. (I’m kidding babe you know i love you no matter what)
Got us some snacks and off we go to Sentosa! Tanjung beach coming right up!

I think i fell in love with his camera instead……… But really, it takes super pretty pictures i can’t help it but to snap hehe bare with me!

DSC_0685 DSC_0689 DSC_0692 DSC_0707 DSC_0708 DSC_0721DSC_0712 DSC_0715

So happy with the photos! Although i can say he’s not really the best photographer around but i think they’re decent enough. My tube top kept sliding off. Wait it’s not even a tube,it’s a skirt. Guess i’ll never learn my lesson to not get big sizes even if its cheap and branded and on sale and pretty… I really love the prints on it i can’t help it! Even the colors were perfect! So we headed to the beach!

DSC_0771 DSC_0774

It was beautiful! Since it was a Thursday there wasn’t really much crowd, just our luck yay. I really need to thank him for bringing the tripod and what not for us to take photos but baby maybe next time you should familiarize yourself with the camera first after keeping it dusty for so long? Why would someone even neglect a camera this good?!

Afterwards we had dinner at KFC and then made our way home and as per normal i never want to go home whenever were together…. Can we never separate?????? Hahaha over-possessive girlfriend alert…..not! (I hope) Don’t want him to end up running fearing for his life before i smother him to death hehe

After 6 hours by the beach (That’s amazingly long) i became as dark as………. I don’t know.
This level of darkness which i’ve never managed to accomplish yet. Congratulations to me. How can some people look better with tanned skin?! Honestly i think my boyfriend looked like a total hunk after 6 hours by the beach with his golden tan and muscles hahahaha okay i might sound delusional a little but hey its so much fun! (Don’t judge)

I felt really happy by just spending time with him the whole day. I couldn’t ask for more really. With his hectic schedule and my internship starting soon…. Thinking about it is just, depressing. With me having my holidays and him working, its already difficult for us to spend time together what more when i start my internship??

But we’ll make it through, i believe so! There’s just so much faith in this and us. If there’s faith theres hope around the corner.

That summed up my Thursday by the beach with the hunk,i mean my hunk (only after the swim) teehee

I love you so much @ Zulkiflee Putra more then i can ever show it to you i swear

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