7th September 2013

I am truly blessed to be given the cream of crops every single time it comes down to finding friends/partners. I am grateful(to my mom) that since young i was given lessons on how to pick the right people all the time. What qualities to look out for, how to judge and tell if that person is worth spending your time and effort on. I am happy that mama taught me how to set high standards and expectations for myself. Honestly, i think this part which she continuously teaches me is still really important. Comparing my friends and i, (their stories and love lives) I am blessed indeed. I am thankful that through out my 19 years of life, i had the opportunity to get to know and meet all these great people, regardless whether their still a part of me or not.  If they left, they sure taught me valuable lessons though. They can never leave me empty handed.

Looks like there is going to be boundaries from now on, for me for him for us.
Honestly i never thought we could make it this far because were both egoistic and stubborn like hell. Hats off to him for being so tolerant and patient towards his little (ok maybe not so little) princess right here teehee.

Moving on to the 7th now. (Always liked the number 7 since foreva)

When was the last time she went on a proper date with…Let’s call//name him Special.
It’s been weeks she thinks, or almost a month or so. Dates, as in spending the whole day out together kind of dates,get it? She always looked forward to dates with Special. It’s different every time and this date, proves it yet again. Since she knew the itinerary for the day,(But yet it ended up different!!!) the more she couldn’t contain herself.
(Early dinner/lunch, The Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition @ the ArtScience museum)

It’s not easy being a lady when you get butterflies almost every time when the day reaches near. So many things needed to be thought through like, obviously what was she going to wear? Would it be impressive enough? Modest and not trashy? What color? Now… what about make-up? Should she go heavy on the eyes? Smokey or sultry? Shoes, what should she wear? Heels? Slippers? Sandals? Sneakers?? Honestly, it’s a never ending list.
The things girls do…….and fuss about.

After a week of not seeing Special, it felt truly lovely to be in those arms again,finally.

They headed for an early dinner//late lunch over @ Pizza Hut and proceeded to walk over to Marina Bay Sands while taking…pretty much a lot of photos hahahaha. (It was difficult trying to pick out the best ones because there were too many) Of course it was her idea since Special was…more camera-shy,not. Thereafter they headed for the museum.It was her first time going on a museum date, however corny it may sound but she was equally excited!


It was a fascinating exhibition on mummies and how they are preparing the bodies with rituals and special stones for the after-life. Do you know they used to dig out the brains by not cracking the skull open of any sort but by using a long iron rod through the deceased noses to clear it out of brains???? *Cringes*  They even have real encased mummies as exhibits! Okay enough about mummies,more about them.

IMG_1787 IMG_1821 IMG_1830

*Interesting how a jacket can change your appearance hahaha & maybe i should invest in a good camera for myself ugh

Here comes the best part!! (Squealing in excitement trying to relieve it all again!!)

She forgot to mention, Special was carrying this large bag because he said he wanted to help pass it to a friend later on.  So after that he brought her to this place, Rooftop garden i think??
It was already 7+ 8pm so the weather was at its best. The lights were illuminating. You could see everything there, the Singapore Flyers, Fullerton Hotel, Esplanade, practically the city lights. Not forgetting MBS right behind (over-towering) you.It was… beautiful, and with the night breeze, it was perfect really especially with his presence.They sat side by side and admired what lies before (more like beneath) them,together.


I swear it was like a scene out of a movie but what happened next, my feelings, i couldn’t even put it in words.

“Actually, there’s no friend to meet” he trailed off.

She knew what that meant while he started explaining himself. She couldn’t really tell if he was as anxious as her but for sure, her cheeks are already on fire.

“I’ve got something for you,” said Special.

He took out this tiffany blue box from the bag and placed it between them.  She was delighted yet nervous. She couldn’t bring herself to open it just yet. She untied the ribbon, opened the clasp, peeked in and closed it shut again. She saw a box and a card but she couldn’t open it all just yet. She was this close to hyperventilating (Exaggeration) but really.
All she could do was just to look into his eyes with questions running thru her head.

She plucked up all courage and opened the chest this time and found this.


“That’s not all, turn to the back of the picture,” he said.


She didn’t quite expected that to happen as such she was speechless because there were too many feelings running inside her waiting to burst out. She swiftly went up to him, nestled herself comfortably on his lap and gave him the biggest hug ever, felt like she was giving him all her love she could, like she didn’t ever want to let go whilst whispering,

“Of course i will // I love you.”

And right at that moment, the light show they have @ MBS, started and you could really imagine how perfect a scene it was. We were at the rooftop garden in a long embrace and then there was spectacular rays of colorful lights beaming bright before us as if it was a congratulatory show (I choose to believe so) I cannot emphasize how perfect and surreal it was. I honestly never wanted it to end. I was practically beaming with joy.

That right there is my definition of a fairytale.

Right place, right time and with the right person. Really thankful for everything.

So as of 7th September 2013, i can finally call  Mr Special, mine.
Thank you for being so wonderful and full of surprises all the time.
I’ll try to be the best for you and us and give you all my love,always.
I love you so much,
Mr P.

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