Im supposed to be studying right now. Shivering in this public library which fortunately has superb internet connection. It’s a gloomy day outside but no, i’m feeling fabulous, happy and confident. I just feel like writing you see so bare with me.

Final exams are just round the corner. In 2 days to be precise. And i am just….here. Hello.

She woke up extra happy today. She felt lovely. She felt as if her face was radiating and glowing tomatoes. She woke up, looked into the mirror, smiled to herself and thought ‘I love him so much.’ Thereafter, she jumped straight onto her bed against the extra comfy pillows and nestled herself in between bolsters,teddybears and pillows finding a substitute for the warmth he provided her with yesterday.

She can finally understand what all those corny cheesy love songs mean, finally.

She finally saw how much she meant to him, how much he was truly afraid to see her go, and give up.

She sat there yesterday at 11.30pm admiring the colors and the decoration of the wedding preparation in front of her. Wondering one day whoever would be her beau along side her walking towards the red carpeted aisle. Would he cry when he sees her in her wedding gown all prepped up and ready? Would he have butterflies or would he not stop smiling? Would she be truly happy?

He came back. He came back for her. He came and sat next to her, trying to make everything better. She, being as stubborn as ever, refused to give in after he left her walking behind like that. Already thinking of the worst case scenario until he asked a question which took her by surprise,

“What is more important? Your ego, or us?”

Then it hit her. Hard. Is she really going to risk the amazing thing they have just because of her selfishness, her ego? She felt, stupid for being so selfish towards this young man next to her. Who ‘came back’ for her,despite being tired and egoistic as well. Was she really going to give up just because of one thing he did wrong? She wasn’t.

She was being a mean bitch, refusing to answer questions and kept turning the tables. She knew how agitated he was. But she wasn’t going to give up. She thought sooner or later, he’d raise the white flag and take his leave. Head home. But he didn’t. He stayed, being as patient as he can, trying his best to talk things out.

She finally saw how she was… special. How tolerant he was towards her. How he lowers down his ego just for her, to save something he really loves. Us.

Then she fell, deeper. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. There’s just something about him that was mesmerizing. She’ll never fail to notice the freckles on his cheeks, his thick and defined eyebrows, how he’s face never needs contouring because its always that defined, how he looks sleepy all the time because of his eyes and how graceful he looks without even smiling.

Finally both of them settled for a good warm long embrace, apologizing to another. Interesting how a long embrace was satisfying in every sense. She felt at home, safe and protected in his arms. Then she felt happy and blessed to have him by her side.


She can never thank him enough for loving her like that.
That, in a way no one has ever done so.
I love you.

Thank you for never giving up on her.

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