What is in between freedom and oppression?

Freedom to do whatever you want, whatever you think makes you happy and unstoppable. Freedom to continue doing or start doing what you love and what you will excel in. Sure not everything comes easy but certainly the freedom to do so, will make you a happier person.

From my point of view, given the freedom to do and be given freedom to become what you are set out to be is the biggest gift ever. You should never ask for anything more if, your parents truly understand you and give you the freedom that you need. I feel, they should be more confident of their own up-bringing and how they raise their kids. (Be thankful if you’ve got parents that supports you in whatever you’re set out to do,seriously)

Believe, trust them to not do stupid stuffs, they probably won’t, if you raise them well.

But restricting them to do this and that and this, i personally think their just caging the kids from really exploring and enjoying life. Oppressing. Oppressing them to become people who they would never want to become.

“You like designing? No take this course it’ll guarantee you a better life, better career options better pay” they say.

Honestly i think i was stupid enough to let them control my future and my path. But then i realize no point hating them for it since i’m already here finishing up my 3 years on something that i don’t even think i’ll pursue and even…..enjoy after i graduate.

“But they just want the best for you” blablabla i know i know.

I want the best for myself too. But at what cost? My career written by them and being all unhappy with life because i’m not doing what i love? They fail to understand, even with the diploma in hand, it’s a totally unrelated course to what i want to do and be in life.

So what am i supposed to do once i get the papers? Go to magazine publishers with a Hotel Hospitality diploma certificate and try to sell myself? Why wouldn’t they just let me get into the courses i want. Life would be so much better and easier.

One more thing, i certainly don’t find it fair that they are just ‘oppressing’ me among all my other siblings. I get really really frustrated and i don’t think i can hold it in any longer. So what if i’ve set good examples to my siblings. Did they turn out the same? Did they bring home good results? Did they? No. Did they come home on time and not late at night? No.


Just because i listen to them, and sure i do listen and obey pretty much all the time, they can restrict me from doing what i want and like but not to the others? I’m waiting. Waiting for them to turn out better then me.

I think i set a good enough example already.
Enough is enough.

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