Screen shot 2013-08-25 at PM 07.52.39                                     “The vacancy that sat in my heart
                                         Is a space that now you hold”

I still can’t figure out why i have so much feelings for you.
Its not exactly just this one composed feeling but more like a flowing into a series of spirals kind of feeling.  Like a maze, crop circle, a mixture of glistening sand particles in a mason jar. Does that explain how complex this is?

We couldn’t decide where we should head to, to have this really ‘serious’ talk. So then we decided it was almost dusk and the weather was perfect, breezy and everything. We headed to where i personally think bunnies/rabbit refugees live at. I cannot believe that there is no such thing in such a vast ocean of greens! (Which reminds me of bunnies in small small mouse-like cages in Bali, waiting for their doom, such a tragic sight i give up)

Only problem? It was quite a distance from where we alighted by bus. So we quickly made a detour and my foot was giving way to my chunks. It was eating and biting onto the back of my ankle. It was quite a far journey and i couldn’t stand it anymore i took off my chunks, which at this point he did the same to his slippers as well and insisted on me putting them on.

It wasn’t really a usual sight seeing someone walking barefooted next to you hahaha it was really…..nice and somehow that made him seem a whole lot more charming then he already was,to begin with. I know he’s probably going to read this redundant post but hey, i do really find him charming in no words can describe…..This may seem cheesy but really, don’t be too flattered though 😉

Then being the nice lady i am watching him wincing whenever he steps on fallen branches, i took his slippers off and joined him,anticipating our destination. That’s what i love about this/us, not every ‘outing’ with him would be the same. Its thrilling and exciting, the new spontaneous things we come up with (Given circumstances) all the time. Like every time, were up for a  new adventure. I love adventures.

We managed to catch this beautiful sunset (Its like out of a movie, with symmetrical beams of sun sprouting out isn’t it?!) It was exactly what i needed after a long (troubling) day at school. With him by my side made it a whole lot better. Skipping in joy.


Then we sat on the road, just us two, minding our own business and sinking in the warmth of the other. Embracing the calmness the night brings and being comfortable in his presence wishing i never have to go home. Tugging the hair brushing my face behind my ears and just staring straight through someone never brought so much content.

And then i wish we could carry this on forever. Truly, thank you for bringing back smiles.
I love you. Stay.


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