Grateful / Afraid

I know there’s just something different about you. I know it.

If a person reads back your super old messages back to when you two got to know each other after months, it means something right? If they can tell you things you don’t even remember saying and its because you’re as forgetful as fuck? When they memorize or take into account the small details like what attire for school for which days of the week? It means something doesn’t it?

Effort. It means effort. It means he/she appreciates your presence am i right?

How can i thank you enough?
How can i not be grateful?

How can i not be scared that someone someday might just come into your life,make it seem a whole lot better and take you away from me? How can i not be frightened that you might just lose whatever you had for me at any fucking time? How can i not be afraid that someone else sees what i see in you?

I know i’ll regret and lose someone so special and dear to me if i keep being this way.


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