Never thought

And i never actually thought i could feel this way. You know the way they describe it in the movies? The way they say, that, when you eventually fall in love, everything will fall into place. Everything seems wonderful and bright and never would you go to sleep with a frown on your face.

I thought i was never capable of feeling that. Feeling ‘stuffs’ like this. What actually is this ‘stuffs’ i’m feeling. Its mesmerizing, this feeling. It’s not like anything i’ve felt before. It’s something different altogether. I actually look forward to your random calls and texts and wishing this could go on forever (exaggerating a little) But yeah.

I get butterflies every time during phone calls, the aftermath, when you’re in front of me, when you grasp my fingers and intertwine them with yours.

Why? Are you a Lepidopterist?

When we first talked, i never knew you would mean so much to me. I really am thankful that you stayed and tried despite our pretty rocky beginning. I know its a little too early to profess whatever i’m feeling rn but really i think you should know how much you mean to me ever since you walked in. And i really am hoping you would stay for good.

I never thought you could mean this much to me.

Always remember, as long as you’re trying, i’m staying.

Misses xxxx


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