Different, you

You know i keep thinking about it.
Thinking bout you. How you make me feel. How i feel protected and safe without you preaching and seeking for fights with whoever whenever.How i never felt this safe before. How you’re nice to people and not only me. How you look at me most of the time. How you make me want to do good, be good, religion or moral wise. How you continuously teach me slowly how to tone down my absurd level of ego. How i was willing to learn from you. How i am trying so slowly. The thing i’m pretty amazed about is the fact that i am actually trying to tone down my ego and listen,to you.

Stop thinking you’re not good enough. Stop saying so. Stop being so negative about yourself. Stop saying sorry for things that you couldn’t control. Stop saying sorry when it’s not your fault. Stop degrading yourself. Stop feeling disappointed for yourself when you don’t think you met my expectations. Stop thinking you’re not making me happy. Stop doubting yourself really.

Stop because honestly all these negativity is eventually going to affect the relationship were having right now.

You make me happy like really genuinely happy. You’re different. I like different. 

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